A bit belated, but well done to Felix Baumgardner who on 14th October, successfully completed the worlds highest sky-dive, breaking the sound barrier in the process. He jumped from 128,100 feet (a little over 39 Km). Its nice to have a human achievement to be proud of in this day and age. A man made of the ‘right stuff’ indeed.

Inspiration Arcade No3

Bradley Wiggins powering about on his bike has brought more than one tear to my eye this summer, winning the Tour and then Olympic gold in the last month. Take a look at Neil Stevens’ site Crayonfire.co.uk, I have bought beautiful prints from this very talented chap before, an this year he has produced some more stunning Tour De France posters. www.crayonfire.co.uk

Inspiration Arcade No2

Probably shouldn’t advertise it but I was in a Burger King the other day and was quite impressed with the graphics on their merchandise, mainly this octoid swirly liquid on the cup. Turns out they changed the graphics a while back and I just hadnt noticed due to a) not eating in a BK often and b) paying little attention when I usually did, late at night after what would often be several drinks.